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CyberTrendz Incorporeted

Raging with a holocaust towards the rising horizon of Infosec World../...


CyberTrendz Incorporeted is an organization working particularly upon Information Security and Ethical Hacking . First Cybertrendz disclosed as a Cyber Security lab , Later Cybertrendz has been xerovated to a company working with Information Security , Enterprise Cyber Agendas and now with Endpoint Forensics.

Cybertrendz Incorporeted tends to appeal the Global Market with a different conception of Information Security Platform , Which will be a Jobmarket In Itself . Main objective of this company to ankle to that node , where it can be understood that Information security can be taken as a career path for the future , The main agenda of ours is to setting up a Comprihensive platform

Founded In 8 July , 2014 Cybertrendz's structure and motive was business concentreted . Morever Cybertrendz arranged public consultations , workshops and seminars to creat awareness about the importance of information security . Cybertrendz has worked professionally with corporet organization and law enforcement organizations like National Security Agency . It introduced Information security courses and tutorial packeges to creat a learning opportunity for a better career path

Now Structure of cybertrendz has been optimized to provide best Security , Audit and Endpoint fornsics service . We have a team to work in the development and service area also for the first time in Bangladesh we are giving certification courses like APAV and PPNA based upon the sylabus of International Information security cerfication's . we regularly maintain our blog to keep update the audience about the latest threats in the information security arena.Our motive is to define Security As A Service ( SECAAS)

Cybertrendz Is concentrating on the global market as well as the local reccomendations so it understands the actual need of security countermeasures in this part of the world . we hope your support and participation so that we may lean forward to create the podium of the triumph.