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We understand peoples curiosity towards an Information Security organization , We are more than a conventional IT company , concentrated to work along with Information security in the global market with a conception of a Jobmarket . Few questions that we understand that should be clear before the clients , and we tend to Answer those .

1. Do you build Websites and arrange hosting .

Yes , As we work with security measures we also need to have to work with Website structure , so we build websites upon clients demand

2. Do you give penetration testing service or only vulnerability Assessment ?

We provide both type of service

3. Define penetration Testing please.

Penetration testing means , Tester will test your system and website based on your instruction and conditions , In this process he has to exploit the expected results to understand the vulnerbility type and how it afftects the user , In this process exploitation is mandetory.

4. How Vulnerability Assessment is different ?

In this process by following your company policy we will show you the bugs in your system and report you to them but we will not explit those to understand the results, Here our job is to find and report the bugs .

5. Tell me about your Endpoint forensics

It is necessary to prevent before you get attacked by any hacker , so we design an attack map and pinpoint all kinds of exploitable areas through which a site can be afftected and disarm backdoors created with malicious script

6. Do you use any tools at penetration testing and vulnerability Assesment ?

Generally we prefer manual system but if required we may use tools like Metaspoilt , Cobalt Strike , Burp Suite , Nessus , Retina etc .

7. What will be my Benifit from your certification courses APAV and PPNA

These two certification courses are based upon the sylabus of C|EH , CISSP and GSEC ; If you have knowledge in this arena you might know the value of these certification in the perspectiove of International Jobmarket , but for these you need to reach a certain level and pay a high amount of fees , and If u are new It will be not easy for you to clear these . so for that purpose we brought APAV and PPNA , so you can add an authinticated phase to your career portfolio , The price and duration of these training courses are vary reliable and free handed to your economic condition.

8. What type of Eduational Background Is required for APAV and PPNA ?

APVA is designed for individuals interested in Ethical Hacking and who would like to persue career in the relevant field in future , we prefer enrolling students from educational institutions for this training course. PPNA is designed for Developers/ Software Engineers / System Administrators or IT professionals needing necessary knowledge of information security to work efficiently in their jobsector

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