Information Mining Through Open Source Intelliegence

A Virtual Workshop by Cybertrendz Inc

OSINT, or open source intelligence, is the practice of collecting information from published or otherwise publicly available sources. OSINT operations, whether practiced by IT security pros, malicious hackers, or state-sanctioned intelligence operatives, use advanced techniques to search through the vast haystack of visible data to find the needles they're looking for to achieve their goals—and learn information that many don't realize is public. Open source in this context doesn't refer to the open source software movement, although many OSINT tools are open source; instead, it describes the public nature of the data being analyzed.

OSINT is in many ways the mirror image of operational security, or OPSEC, which is the security process by which organizations protect public data about themselves that could, if properly analyzed, reveal damaging truths. IT security departments are increasingly tasked with performing OSINT operations on their own organizations in order to shore up operational security. To introduce few basic techniques of OSINT Cybertrendz is organizing this online event where you can learn and know more about such techniques.

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Below Topics will be discussed

Objectifying OSINT:

1. Understanding OSINT Process
2. Challenges in OSINT Data Collection
3. Understand the data collection life cycle
4. Creating your own OSINT Structure
5. OSINT Mind map for efficient investigation.
6. Categorizing OSINT investigation Process
7. OSINT Work process through simple diagram.

OSINT for Bug Hunting:

1. Bug hunting concept
2. Working on a private or public Bug Hunting programs
3. Discovering necessary assets.
4. Automating asset discovery
5. Historical data collection and analysis
6. Metadata collection process through third party.
7. Collecting entity resources though third party.
8. Obtaining application endpoints.
9. Cloning structure of Web resources

Web Based OSINT Analysis.

1. Essential search engines for web OSINT
2. Assets to analyze IP address information.
3. Checking and collecting records from dumping sources.
4. Collecting company information from web registry’s.
5. Source code based OSINT search
6. Using GIT directories for OSINT analysis.
7. Checking numerical entities through OSINT.
8. Generating and utilizing false entities through OSINT.
9. Web forensics Analysis through OSINT
10. Web OSINT through integrated framework

Social Media Based OSINT

1. Gathering footprints from Social Media
2. Gathering personal details
3. Entity based search approach
4. Identification through footprints.

OSINT Techniques through Dark Web

1. Essential maling services and forums.
2. Dark web Wikis to search information.
3. Essential search engines.
4. Query development techniques for Dark Web search

Gathering Data through Image intelligence

1. Resource discovery techniques
2. Image Metadata analysis
3. Image Intelligence: Connecting the dots
4. Geolocation through image
5. Essential open source services

Geospatial OSINT

1. Identifying open network through assets.
2. Working with location based analytics of social media.
3. Locating necessary device information through OSINT.
4. Geolocation through resources

Crypto based OSINT.

1.Discussing Block chain
2.Identifying cryptocurrency transactions
3.Understanding crypto addresses.

Hands on Demonstration

1. All Open Source Tools
2. Necessary Script Based Tools
3. Application Framework Operations


1. Presentation slide
2. E-Certificate of participation on the workshop
3. Essential OSINT Tool List
4. Recording of the session if needed

Date and Time

February 20, 2021
Time: 7pm till 10pm

Trainer: Rashed Hasan

Information Security Researcher,

Software Engineer & Consultant

Trainer Profile