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Kali Linux Tutorial Series In Bangla

A Comprehensive Bangla DVD tutorial pack for individuals keeping interest in worlds most Advanced Operating System for Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing.It is impossible to bring full Kali Linux In One DVD pack . So this time we are releasing part one of this series

Topics Given Below

1 . Kali Linux Installation with Virtualbox
2. Introduction to Metasploit Framework and Exploits .
3. Conducting Browser Autopwn Attack with SET using Metasploit.
4. Creating a Simple Backdoor with Metasploit .
5. Hacking Android device with Metasploit
6. Exploiting Website with JSQL .
7. Exploiting and enumeration of website eith SQL Map.
8. Footprinting and data logistics with Dmitry.
9. Conducting physical enumeration with Cutycapt.
10. Exploring URL ethiology with URLCarzy.
11. Network penetration testing and enumeration with Zenmap
12. Performing Cross Site Scripting with XSSER .
13. Open Source data enumeration with The Harvester .
14. Enterprise Server analysis with Sparta .
15. Exploiting Wordpress website with WpScan .
16. Enumerating DNS with DNSEnum.
17. Physical Scan of DNS with Fierce Domain Scanner.
18. Dns recon with DnsTracer.

Demo Tutorial

See Here Directly On Our Channel

DVD Price

19.754$ (USD) / 1550 Bangladeshi Taka (only videos)

25.489$ (USD) / 2000 Bangladeshi Taka (Videos with Bangla Manuscripts and Kali ISO file)