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A Bangla DVD Tutorial Series Upon Ethical Penetration Testing

A Comprihensive Bangla DVD tutorial pack for individuals keeping interest in professional penetration testing . various topics taken and all videos are in Bangla Language. Details are Given below

Topics Given Below

- Basic DNS Hijacking Tutorial
- Exploiting website using Burp Scanner on DVWA
- Exploitation with CSRF (Cross Site Request Forgery)
- LDAP Injection Tutorial Manually Explained
- Basic Methods To Exploit Shopping Sites to get Information
- DOS Logistics
> Ping Of Death
> Basic WIFI Exploitation
- System Exploitation with Telnet
- Automated SQL Injection
> Explained with pangoline
> Explained with SQLI Helper
- Manual Web Exploitation with Acunetix and Vulnerable code correction
- Logger Balistics
>Setting up a spyware program and sending it to someone .
>Encrypting Spyware to prevent detection
- Exploiting wordpress site by phpmyadmin exploit

DVD Price

16.59$ (USD) / 1300 Bangladeshi Taka (only videos)

21.69$ (USD) / 1700 Bangladeshi Taka (Videos and Tools)